Computer Repairs

Don't wait for a week to get your computer repaired. We can find out what is wrong with your computer and have it fixed in no time. Drop your computer in to us at Zaaton or call us and book our mobile service to come to you. 

When your computer is not working to it’s best it not only effects your ability to work, but also contact with family and friends that might live in another state or country. Drop your computer in or call for our mobile service and we will repair your computer and get you back in touch as quickly as possible.


Services offered at Zaaton:

– Computer Repairs
– Computer Tune-up
– Virus Removal
– Lost File Retrieval
– Computer Upgrade
– Setup of New Computer or Device
– New Software or Hardware Installation
– Internet Security

No Call-out fee or After Hours Surcharge.

We understand that computers don’t always play up at a convenient time.  We are happy to call out when you need us to repair your computer and get you back online as soon as possible.

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