Nowhere to do your own video recording?

If you have the ideas but don't have all the necessary equipment to make your own videos come and see us at Zaaton. 

Create your own unique, personalised videos for use on your website, YouTube or other social media.

We have all the equipment available for hire or you may just need our green screen and studio.  If you would like our help we can also be available to assist with filming.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we can give you quote.


What you can get at Zaaton:

– Green Screen

– Lights

– Multiple High Definition Cameras

– Teleprompter

– Expertise of a videographer

– Inspiration

Starting at just $90

green room studio

Green Screen and Studio Hire

The Green Screen Studio at Zaaton is a 3600 by 2700 space that is perfect for full body shots, waist-up and 2 – 6 person interviews.

The studio comes with lights so all you need is your camera, sound and talent (a teleprompter/operator is available for an additional cost).

The rates for studio and lights only are:

– Hourly – $90
– Half Day – $400
– Full Day – $800
– Teleprompter – $50 per hour

There are a lot of factors that will effect how much it will cost to shoot your video.  If you can answer a few quick questions we can give you a quote for your video shoot.

Some of our Green Screen Studio

All the Music in the Videos are written and Produced in house by Zaaton Studio

A Map to our Green Screen Studio